Last week I guided Petter and Kjetil in Chamonix and Zermatt – our goals was to climb Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. We had fantastic weather all week and with strong clients and good conditions it was a perfect week. We had a few days of acclimatization before we climbed Mont Blanc from Tete Rousse hut. Then we traveled to Zermatt where Slovenien guide Rok Zalokar joined us for the Matterhorn ascent. Conditions on Matterhorn was the best I’ve ever seen. Petter and me was first on the summit and we could enjoy 10 minutes of solitude on the summit and also do the traverse over to the Italian summit.  On the way down I had a hard time to keep up with Petter and we were down at the hut 6 hours and 10 min after we started.
Now I’m back in Chamonix and starting 8 days of work here and in Switzerland.
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