The last week I’ve been in Hurrungane working as one of the instructors on a course for NORTIND (the norwegian guide association). This was a snow/ice/alpine climbing course and is the last of the summer-courses before they become aspirant guides. We stayed at the hut of the Norwegian alpine club (NTK) in Skagadalen the whole week. Skagadalen and Hurrungane is a great location for a course like this. Normally the weather is not the best on this time of the year and as usual we got a bit of fresh snow during the week which made conditions really good(?!). We had a few days on glaciers where we trained on various technics for guiding and on different rescue scenarios. We also did some climbing – Slingsbybreen to Store Skagastølstind, Procter-Ullen on Dyrhaugstind, The north-east flank on Midtre Dyrhaugstind and a few different routes on the north side of Styggedalstind. All of them routes that involves snow, ice and this week, snow-covered rock. Perfect!

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