Arriving in Chalten


Finally I’ve made a post about my Patagonia trip.

In late November I traveled to Patagonia together with Trym A. Sæland and Sigurd Backe. We flew from Norway on Nov. 21. and arrived in Chalten to a short weather window. On the 24. we climbed Benitiers on El Mocho.

After that, one week of “Patagonia weather” forced us to stay in Chalten, mostly eating chocolate at the Chocolateria and drinking beer in the Cerveceria. But in early December the pressure was rising and we headed up the Torre valley, to Niponino again. On Des. 4 we climbed Supercanaleta on Fitz Roy, probably the best routes I have ever done! First 1000meters of snow- and ice, then 24 pitches of mix terrain up to grad 5.10. The weather was not to good in the morning, but it cleared and we had blue sky and some wind on the summit. The 500 meters of abseiling down Franco-Argentine was interesting, specially after it got dark.

After two rest days the weather was still good and we climbed the 800 meter long Clara de Luna on St. Exupery on Des. 8. Again, a superb route.

On a day with not so good weather, lots of wind and cold temperatures, we climbed Piola route on St. Rafael on Des 10.

On the 11. Sigurd and me teamed up with Lena Dahl and climbed the North ridge on De la S. Another fun day climbing.

Sigurd and me wanted to try to get one more climb before the weather turned bad again and tried Poincenot, but it was one day to late and we was turned back because of bad weather.

Some days later, Sigurd went home to Norway and Trym’s girlfriend arrived so I was more or less without a partner. But the weather forecast said two weeks of bad weather so it didn’t really matter. Instead I teamed up with Marco and Mario, two Swiss climbers I’ve met at the Cerveceria, for a roadtrip down south…


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Photo credit: Trym A. Sæland, Sigurd Backe and Nils Nielsen

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