It’s hasn’t been much alpine climbing this fall, partly because of conditions and bad timing, but also because I’ve had so much other things that’s been motivating me. Training in general, cross-contry skiing, running, ski touring and other things. But the weather forecast was good and conditions seemed to be good on the west-coast. I decided it was time to get out again. I teamed up with Steinar Grynning and we planed to do the full Skarfjell-Trolla traverse in Innerdalen. This is a super long alpine traverse that starts with the 10 pitch Sør-Øst hjørnet on Skarfjellet.
Conditions was amazing on Sør-Øst hjørnet, but as soon as we got higher the snow just got worse and worse. At one point it just stopped being fun and we bailed.
Short story – but below you can see some pictures.



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