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In late October we had one BIG snow dump on the west-coast followed by nice weather. Below is some pictures from 3 amazing days of October skiing. After that it’s been variable temperatures and weather so the skiing was not great for long, but we had som nice days in between.


Highcamp Turtagrø, guiding the Norwegian Crown Prince and powder in Romsdalen

First week of May is normally the busiest week of the year for me, and this year was no exception. Together with the rest of Breogfjell, I organize all the guided tours and courses on Friflyt’s Highcamp at Turtagrø. That means 21 guides and around 150 clients in the mountains for three days.
I traveled to Turtagrø on monday 30. to find out about snow and glacier conditions on most of the mountains we planed to use during the camp. I did a lot of nice tours on my own the first days, going with light gear and visiting many peaks every day. The weather was much better than the skiing…
The camp was as usual super busy, more than 500 people in total. This year the Norwegian Crown Prince visited the camp. He has always been a dedicated telemarker, but this was his first time skiing in Hurrungane. I had the privilege to guide him for two days, witch was a fun experience. Saturday we had really nice weather in the morning and the snow was good. Saturday the weather was not so good, but we found some good snow.

Now I’m finally back in Romsdalen after a long winter with a lot of traveling. I don’t have much plans for May except to ski and climb as much as possible. The start has been good, skiing powder in the morning and climbing in the afternoon. Thursday 10. was a perfect day, cold in the morning and sunny. It was the fourth day with nice weather and still no tracks on the north-ridge of Vengetind. I did not expect to find good snow, but wanted to ski Vengetind anyway. The snow on the upper ridge was much better than expected and on the top I was super psyched about the descent. But I soon realized that one of the bindings was broken. FU$#!!! I had borrowed a pair of demoski (brand is unknown…) and had not bother to check if it was working as it should. So I had to walk most of the way down again, not fun!

Espen Kristiansen from Friflyt/Field Productions made a small video from one of the days I skied with Crown Prince Haakon. Here it is:

Here’s a article and some pictures from

And belowe is some pictures from Highcamp and skiing in Romsdalen last week


Ferske spor på Kirketaket i Romsdalen

Ferske spor på Kirketaket i Romsdalen

Alpine skiturer kan gi deg unike muligheter, utfordringer og fantastiske opplevelser i vinterfjellet. Kombinasjonen med fjord og vinterkledde fjell slik som vi har mange steder i Norge er helt unik.

Alpine skiturer, topptur eller randonee – kjært barn har mange navn – har økt voldsomt i popularitet de siste årene. Dette er en ganske ung ”sport” i Norge, men de i Alpelandene har lange tradisjoner for å gå til fjells med alpint skiutstyr. De siste årene har nordmenn for alvor fått øynene opp for hvilke muligheter dette gir og flere og flere går på ”topptur”. Vinterfjellet kan være krevende, spesielt i forhold til vurdering av snø og skred. Og leie en fjellfører er en god investering, spesielt for sikkerheten, men også for å finne den beste snøen og få mest mulig ut av turen. 

På ski i Lofoten

På ski i Lofoten

Romsdalen, Sunnmøre, Hemsedal, Sogn, Lofoten eller Lyngen – vi guider de fleste stedene i Norge på forespørsel.  Vennligst ta kontakt for mer info. Vi finner turer som passer deg og gruppa din, både i forhold til ferdigheter, form og erfaring. Vi kan også være behjelpelige med å organisere reise, bo og bespisning.

Når: Januar til medio mai
Antall gjester: Maks 6-8 pr fører
Sikkerhetsutstyr: Skredutstyr (sender/mottaker, spade og søkestang) er obligatorisk
Pris: Fra 3500,- pr dag
Prisen inkluderer fører og evt lån av sikkerhetsutstyr

Flott nedkjøring fra Kolåstind på Sunnmøre

Flott nedkjøring fra Kolåstind på Sunnmøre

Alpine ski touring course in Romsdalen

Last week I had a 5 days alpine ski touring course in Romsdalen. The weather as not the best even though we had a few days of sun-shine, but rain and a lot of wind most days. Obviously, the snow was not the best either, everything from super hard crust to slush. Well, not everything between, we did not have any powder.
But it was 5 fun days in the mountains with Hilde, Pernille, Mikkel and Petter.

Below is a few pictures



Here’s a few pictures from skiing in Romsdalen and Sogndal before and after Christmas. Most of December was spent in Romsdalen, some alpine skitouring and some cross country skiing. Then I was in Sogndal the first week after new year. I’s been snowing a lot on the west coast and the skiing has been amazing the last week. Unfortunately I haven’t taken many pictures, but here’s a few.

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After a very warm and dry November be finally had a big snowfall on the west coast of Norway. In Romsdalen we got almost one meter of snow in the mountains last weekend. Unfortunately it came with a lot of wind, but it’s still possible to find very good snow in south and east facing bowls. Here’s a few pictures from skiing on Skarven in Skorgedalen.






HauteRoute 2010 04 19-24 2010-04-20On April 19. I started guiding my third and last Haute Route for the season, Also this time for my company, Breogfjell. We had a good week with warm temperatures and very stable snow conditions. In combination with very good client this gave me a quite easy week of work. But we had a very hard time finding good snow.

After Haute Route I returned home to Romsdalen for some ski guiding there before I went to Turtagrø and Highcamp. Breogfjell is responsible for all the guiding there and we had 20 guides on work May 7.-9. Weather was perfect and cold temperatures gave good conditions for skiing.

Next week I guided Karine for three days home in Romsdalen. The first day we did Hesteskotraversen in perfect conditions, cold in the morning and good slush down from Kirketaket in the afternoon. The next day we did Juratind. Warmer temperatures during the night gave very loose snow all the way to the top and down again, but it wasn’t to bad. The last day we did Skjervan from the east. We could drive quite high and had perfect weather and OK snow.

After a long winter it was very good to finally put away the skis and start rock climbing. And as always after a winter with to much guiding and alpine climbing, the first days on rock felt terrible for my fingers.

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More skiing in Romsdalen

SøreKlauva 2010-02-09

Feb. 15. 2010

Since I came back to Romsdalen in early February skiing has been very good. It’s been snowing a lot, but in between its been sunny and perfect days for skitouring. On a beautiful day, Odd and me first walked up to Søre Klaua, lots of snow and hard to break trail, but very nice on the way down. From Stallen we walked up to Steinberget and continued up Kirketaket. The ski down the south face was amazing!

I’ve also had some work on snow lately, both guiding and avalanche courses. Posting some pictures from that as well.

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Skiing and guiding in Romsdalen


Early January has been very good for skiing here in Romsdalen. Cold temperatures and no wind has kept the snow good for a very long time. But the cold temperatures is also one reason why the snowpack is so unstable. So be careful.

This weekend I had a group from Sunnmøre on skitouring/avalanche course. Both weather  and snow was good…

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ThorshammerenRomsdalen is famous for it’s great climbing and spectacular mountains all over the world. Here you find everything from small crags to big mountain routes.

Do you want to ascent one of the famous peaks Romsdalshorn, Vengetind or Kvanndalstind, or maybe you want to climb long and moderat multi-pitch routes down in the valley. Or do you want to do easy hikes to exposed summits? There is something for everyone!

Where: Romsdalen – West coast of Norway

When: Medio May to September

Programs: I can arrange different programs that suites you’re level and desires. In addition to toures and programs mentioned below, I can also guide other mountain and climbs. Contact me for more info!

Difficulties: All levels


For climbing – 1-3 pr guide

For easier peaks – up to 8 pr guide

Price per day:

From NOK 3500,-

(Price includes IFMGA mountain guide and all climbing equipment)

Discount if booking 4 days or more






Booking or more info


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SteinbergetFew places in the world can offer the same as Romsdalen – blue fjordes, green valleys and snow covered mountain. Easy access,  the fact that there are few people and no lift resorts, makes Romsdalen a unique place on earth!

I offer guiding on famous peaks such as Kirketaket, Kjøvskardstind, Blånebba, Nonstind and many more.

I can arrange accommodation, food and transport for weekend and 6-day programs.

Where: Romsdalen – West-coast of Norway

When: January to May

Schedule: Private/groupe booking

Duration: 1 to 6 days

Ratio: Up to 6 clients on 1 guide


1-3 persons is NOK 3.500,- per day

4-6 persons is NOK 900,- per person per day

(price includes IFMGA mountain guide and avalanche safety equipment)

Discount if booking 4 days or more



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We offer the unique and exotic concept SKIING BY BOAT in the Norwegian fjords. With skitoures on big alpine peaks and our expedition equipped aluminium sailing yacht as a floating hotel, we can give you a skiing experience out of the ordinary.

We use the fjords in Romsdalen and Sunnmøre as our “basecamp” and the surrounding peaks as our playground.

The 43 foot sailing yacht (2008) has three double cabins, two bathrooms, kayak, and diving equipment on board.  We can sail you to the foot of the mountain so that you literally can start your top climb from the deck of our boat.

Where: Møre and Romsdal – West-coast of Norway

Start and Stop: Molde or Ålesund

When: Mach to April

Duration: 7 days, 6 days of skiing

Ratio: Up to 6 clients on 1 guide


NOK 15.000,- per person with minimum 4

(Price includes IFMGA mountain guide, avalanche safety gear, food and accommodation in sail boat, skipper and cook)


Great season start in Romsdalen

Oct 16. 2009

October is normally not a very good month for skiing, but this year proved to be different. I just got home and here are some pictures from my first two days back in Romsdalen. Kirketaket in Isfjorden and Nonstind in Innfjorden. As good as it gets!

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